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Metabolism and metronidazole uptake in Trichomonas vaginalis isolates with different metronidazole susceptibilities.

Three Trichomonas vaginalis isolates with low in vivo susceptibilities to metronidazole (95% curative dose, greater than 3 X 100 mg kg-1 in subcutaneous infections in mice) were compared with strain ATCC 30001 and with four isolates exhibiting high in vivo susceptibilities (95% curative dose, less than 3 X 15 mg kg-1). Activity of pyruvate:ferredoxin oxidoreductase, anaerobic fermentation, and anaerobic intracellular accumulation of [14C]metronidazole label showed no significant isolate-dependent differences which could be correlated with drug susceptibility. The results suggest that processes providing electrons for metronidazole activation are not defective in the resistant strains. Aerobiosis, known to inhibit the antimicrobial action of metronidazole, inhibited accumulation of label more strongly in resistant isolates than in susceptible ones. No differences were detected, however, between resistant and susceptible isolates in respiration, aerobic fermentation, and the specific activity of NADH and NADPH oxidases, the main terminal oxidases of T. vaginalis. These findings suggest that the production of electrons is not diminished under aerobic conditions. The inhibitory effect of aerobic conditions on metronidazole activation, possibly due to competition for the electrons, is markedly enhanced in the resistant isolates compared to the susceptible ones. The mechanism of this effect, however, remains unknown.[1]


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