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Chemical Compound Review

MetroGel     2-(2-methyl-5-nitro-imidazol- 1-yl)ethanol

Synonyms: Metrogyl, Trivazol, Danizol, Trichazol, Trichopol, ...
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Disease relevance of MetroGel


Psychiatry related information on MetroGel


High impact information on MetroGel

  • Delivery occurred before 37 weeks of gestation in 60 women in the metronidazole group (19.0 percent) and 31 women in the placebo group (10.7 percent) (relative risk, 1.8; 95 percent confidence interval, 1.2 to 2.7; P=0.004) [11].
  • METHODS: To determine whether treating women in a general obstetrical population who have asymptomatic bacterial vaginosis (as diagnosed on the basis of vaginal Gram's staining and pH) prevents preterm delivery, we randomly assigned 1953 women who were 16 to less than 24 weeks pregnant to receive two 2-g doses of metronidazole or placebo [2].
  • Treatment did not prevent preterm deliveries that resulted from spontaneous labor (5.1 percent in the metronidazole group vs. 5.7 percent in the placebo group) or spontaneous rupture of the membranes (4.2 percent vs. 3.7 percent), nor did it prevent delivery before 32 weeks (2.3 percent vs. 2.7 percent) [2].
  • In 771 women given metronidazole for the treatment of vaginal trichomoniasis, more cancers developed than had been expected after exclusion of carcinoma of one uterine cervix (observed, 24 cases; expected on the basis of the Connecticut Tumor Registry, 21.7; expected on the basis of the Third National Cancer Survey, 18.4) [12].
  • Radiation plus metronidazole for glioblastoma [13].

Chemical compound and disease context of MetroGel


Biological context of MetroGel


Anatomical context of MetroGel

  • Two recombinant poxvirus vectors (replication-defective avipox [fowlpox; rF] and a replication-competent vaccinia [rV]) have been engineered to express a triad of costimulatory molecules (B7-1, intercellular adhesion molecule-1, and leukocyte function-associated antigen-3; designated TRICOM) [23].
  • In addition, dendritic cells infected with TRICOM vectors were pulsed with OVA peptide and used to vaccinate mice to examine T-cell responses in vivo [23].
  • CONCLUSIONS: This study confirms that the inflammatory infiltrate in pouchitis is acute or chronic, is characterized by neutrophils, is usually localized to pouch mucosa, and is always decreased after metronidazole therapy [24].
  • RESULTS: At 12 weeks, 21 of 28 patients (75%) in the placebo group had recurrent lesions in the neoterminal ileum as compared with 12 of 23 patients (52%) in the metronidazole group (P = 0.09) [25].
  • Bile composition was determined in fasting samples aspirated from the duodenum before metronidazole was given, at the end of 10 days on metronidazole, and a month after the drug was discontinued [26].

Associations of MetroGel with other chemical compounds


Gene context of MetroGel


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of MetroGel


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