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In vitro activation of bacteriophage P2 late gene expression by extracts from phage P4-infected cells.

We have used a cell-free, DNA-dependent protein-synthesizing system to study the stimulation of phage P2 late gene expression by satellite phage P4. An activity is present in extracts prepared from P4-infected cells, which, when added to the in vitro system with P2 DNA template, stimulates the synthesis of a number of P2 proteins. These stimulated proteins include the major P2 capsid protein (N gene product) and a major component of the P2 phage tail (FII gene product). Extracts prepared from P4-infected cells are also able to stimulate the synthesis from P4 DNA of two low-molecular-weight proteins (18,500 and 17,000 Mr). The stimulating activity has no effect on the synthesis of proteins from lambda plac5 template. Extracts prepared from cells infected with P4 alpha amber mutants lack this stimulating activity.[1]


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