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Bacteriophage P2

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Disease relevance of Bacteriophage P2


High impact information on Bacteriophage P2

  • The psu gene product of "phasmid" (phage-plasmid) P4 acts as a transcription antitermination factor in trans and in cis, respectively, within the morphogenic operons of its P2 phage helper during lytic viral development and on P4 itself during the establishment stage of its alternative mode of propagation as a plasmid [5].
  • These stimulated proteins include the major P2 capsid protein (N gene product) and a major component of the P2 phage tail (FII gene product) [6].
  • Complementation experiments and transcriptional analysis show that a nonreplicating P2 phage expresses the ogr gene from Pogr but is unable to transcribe the late genes [7].
  • This system is based upon the inhibition of translation of P2 phage repressor protein [8].


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