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Actual problems of immunoprophylactic and immunotherapy of burn infection.

Staphylococcal anatoxin which has a systemic therapeutic effect, improving burn wound condition and increasing humoral and cellular immunity was used for the prevention of staphylococcal infection among patients with deep burns of up to 15 per cent of body surface area as a component of their therapy. The patients with burns of over 15 per cent of their body surface were treated with hyperimmune antistaphylococcal plasma which had a clinical effect and decreased mortality in the group of severely burned patients by more than two fold. On our model of general wound infection from 5 most frequently observed serotypes of Pseudomonas aeruginosa we have got multicomponent cellfree vaccine pyoimmunogen with marked protective effect in experiments. This vaccine protected 80-85 per cent of animals in comparison with 90-95 per cent mortality in experiment. Preliminary clinical data speak for the high preventive and medical effect of pyoimmunogen and anti-Ps. aeruginosa hyperimmune plasma.[1]


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