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Management strategies for urinary and vaginal infections.

Detailed history, physical examination, laboratory and follow-up data were obtained from 821 women coming to a primary care clinic over a two-year period with the symptoms of urinary tract ( UTI) or vaginal infection. Using all available information, each patient retrospectively was given one of several mutually exclusive diagnoses. Vaginitis without UTI was diagnosed in 70% of patients, UTI without vaginitis in 12%, UTI and vaginitis in 2%. The conditional probability of the several possible diagnoses was calculated, given various combinations of clinical data; a diagnosis of vaginitis was twice as likely as a diagnosis of UTI in a patient with dysuria. On the basis of these calculations we identified efficient clinical strategies for when to perform a pelvic examination, a urinalysis, and a urine culture, and when to diagnose UTI presumptively on the basis of urinalysis.[1]


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