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Characteristics of the cellulose triacetate membrane for hemofiltration.

The Permeation characteristics of the cellulose triacetate membrane used for hemofiltration were studied and compared with other commercially available sheet type membranes. The critical solute fractionation profile of the cellulose triacetate membrane was very similar to that of a glomerular basement membrane. The cellulose triacetate membrane showed a typical gel concentration polarization with a protein solution; however, the surface of the membrane is considered to be relatively homogeneous for permeation based on the relation between fluxes of the protein solution and saline: the flux of the protein solution is not much less than that of saline. This result differs from that observed with other membranes. Because of these desirable characteristics the cellulose triacetate membrane is considered to be suitable as a membrane for a hemofiltration system.[1]


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