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Synthesis of tropomyosin in myogenic cultures and in RNA-directed cell-free systems: qualitative changes in the polypeptides.

The synthesis of polypeptides with the properties of alpha and beta tropomyosin was investigated in differentiating cultures of a myogenic cell line and in a wheat germ cell-free system directed by purified RNA extracted at different stages of differentiation. The polypeptides co-migrate with tropomyosin in isoelectric focusing and SDS two-dimensional gel electrophoresis and SDS-urea/ SDS two-dimensional gels. Like authentic tropomyosin, these polypeptides change their mobility greatly in the presence of urea and do not become labeled with proline. The beta tropomyosin synthesized in the intact cells and in the cell-free system can be separated by isoelectric focusing into at least two components. One component (designated beta1) is present in a small amount at all developmental stages examined, and a more basic component (beta2) is specific for differentiated cultures. The synthesis of beta2 in the intact cells and the capacity of purified RNA to direct its synthesis in a cell-free system become detectable and increase greatly during the period of fusion of the mononucleated cells into multinucleated fibers. The results suggest that the beta1 and beta2 tropomyosins are coded for by different genes.[1]


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