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Clinical phase I trial of marcellomycin with a single-dose schedule.

Marcellomycin is a new anthracycline that was proposed for clinical trials on the basis of experimental data suggesting reduced potential for hematologic and cardiac toxicity as compared to conventional anthracyclines. This phase I trial was designed to determine the maximum tolerated dose of marcellomycin at a single-dose schedule. The drug was given as a 15-to 30-min i.v. injection. Eighteen patients with a variety of solid tumors received a median of 2 courses (range: 1-5) at doses of 5-60 mg/m2. Myelosuppression was dose-limiting and somewhat unpredictable. It was characterized by early thrombocytopenia and late leukopenia. It occurred at doses greater than or equal to 40 mg/m2 and resulted in a few cases of infection and hemorrhage. Nausea, vomiting and stomatitis were frequent and occasionally severe. Other common non-hematological toxic effects consisted of local phlebitis and fatigue. Electrocardiographic changes were also encountered. Hair loss was rare and negligible. No antitumor activity could be detected. It appears that phase II trials should be preferably restricted to ambulatory patients and that a dose schedule of 50 mg/m2 repeated every 3 weeks may be proposed for this favorable patient population.[1]


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