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Anatomical context of Hemorrhage

  • Bleeding occurred frequently in the absence of abnormalities of clotting tests, suggesting that hemorrhage in amyloidosis is most often due to amyloid infiltration of blood vessels [25].
  • While it may seem obvious that brisk elevations in circulating levels of vasopressin in response to hemorrhage, or of oxytocin in response to suckling, must of necessity arise from magnocellular neurosecretory neurons in the hypothalamus, the central pathways mediating these reflexes have, until quite recently, remained elusive [26].
  • These characteristics indicate that gp49B-/- mice are exquisitely sensitive to a local Shwartzman reaction (LSR) after a single i.d. injection of LPS, whereas in the classic LSR, a second exposure is required for increased beta2 integrin function, intravascular neutrophil aggregation, formation of occlusive thrombi, and hemorrhage [27].
  • We found that neuronal overexpression of human E693Q APP in mice (APPDutch mice) caused extensive CAA, smooth muscle cell degeneration, hemorrhages and neuroinflammation [28].
  • In this model, ICAM-1-mediated protection against SEB lethality correlates with a decrease in the systemic release of inflammatory cytokines, as well as with prevention of extensive hepatocyte necrosis and hemorrhage [29].

Gene context of Hemorrhage

  • The combined loss of Hey1 and Hey2, however, results in embryonic death after embryonic day 9.5 (E9.5) with a global lack of vascular remodeling and massive hemorrhage [30].
  • These results demonstrate that hemorrhage initially increases pulmonary cytokine expression through alpha- but not beta-adrenergic stimulation, and suggest that such alpha-adrenergic-mediated effects occur through activation of the transcriptional regulatory factor NF-kappaB [31].
  • The full coding sequence of a variant angiopoietin-2 (Ang2) cDNA was obtained from HCC specimens, and the biologic consequences of overexpression on tumor formation and hemorrhage were determined in an animal model system [32].
  • Edg1(-/-) mice exhibited embryonic hemorrhage leading to intrauterine death between E12.5 and E14 [33].
  • Also, ectopic expression of epidermal K14 in mouse liver results in chronic hepatitis, and disruption of mouse K8 leads to embryo lethality with extensive liver hemorrhage [34].
  • By comparing TNF-alpha(-/-) to IgH(-/-), C5(-/-), and wild-type mice, we found that TNF-alpha was important for the development of hemorrhage [35].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Hemorrhage


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