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Regional changes in cerebral blood flow and blood-brain barrier permeability during epileptiform seizures and in acute hypertension in rabbits.

Interrelationship between the breakdown of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) to Evans blue and elevations in the regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF) was studied in rabbits subjected to adrenaline- or metaraminol-induced systemic hypertension and also in bicuculline-induced seizures. The rCBF was assessed in small samples from various regions of the brain with the use of [3H]nicotine, and the permeability of the BBB was evaluated with an Evans blue tracer. In acute hypertension, Evans blue extravasations were observed in the occipital cortex and sometimes in the superior colliculus, i.e., the regions which also showed the highest elevations in rCBF. The breakdown of the BBB in acute hypertension was clearly related to the rate of mean arterial blood pressure rise, being much less pronounced in the metaraminol group, which showed a much slower blood pressure elevation rate. In bicuculline-induced seizures, there was no evident correlation between the amplitude of rCBF elevations and Evans blue extravasations. Preservation of BBB integrity was observed in areas showing high elevations in the rCBF.[1]


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