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Chemical Compound Review

Araminol     3-[(1S,2S)-2-amino-1-hydroxy- propyl]phenol

Synonyms: Pressonex, Pressorol, Metaradrin, Metaradrine, metaraminol, ...
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Disease relevance of m-Hydroxynorephedrine


High impact information on m-Hydroxynorephedrine


Chemical compound and disease context of m-Hydroxynorephedrine


Biological context of m-Hydroxynorephedrine


Anatomical context of m-Hydroxynorephedrine

  • 3. Increases in arterial pressure sufficient to activate peripheral baroreceptors were achieved by intravenous bolus infusions of metaraminol (10 micrograms/10 microliters) [18].
  • Conversely, metaraminol permeated the membrane of the chromaffin granule through the apolar lipid phase and distributed according to the delta pH alone [19].
  • In the gerbil, 4 hours after placing a clip on one carotid artery, metaraminol-induced increases in blood pressure had no such protective effect on the metabolic changes or on oedema [20].
  • To examine whether the uterine perfusion-sparing property of ephedrine is due to local actions, we examined the effects in vitro of ephedrine and the alpha-adrenergic agonist metaraminol (10(-10)-10(-3) M) in uterine and femoral vessels, with and without functional endothelium, from nonpregnant and pregnant ewes [21].
  • The disappearance of LAQ094, metaraminol, and (-)-isoproterenol following 1-h incubation with human liver microsomes was 73, 85, and 66%, respectively, in the presence of 1% methanol, but was only 3, 15, and 24%, respectively, in the absence of organic solvent [22].

Associations of m-Hydroxynorephedrine with other chemical compounds


Gene context of m-Hydroxynorephedrine

  • Meningismus after metaraminol administration in a patient with Familial Mediterranean fever [27].
  • 5. The presynaptic alpha 2-adrenoreceptor antagonists idazoxan and yohimbine, and the neuronal uptake blockers desipramine and metaraminol, prolonged the PTP and enhanced but shortened the secondary rise in tetanic tension [28].
  • In 15 other cases with a SBP 134.9 +/- 18.3 mmHg and no PVC's at rest a metaraminol infusion was started [29].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of m-Hydroxynorephedrine


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