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Toxicological evaluation of nitrofurazone and furaltadone on Selenastrum capricornutum, Daphnia magna, and Musca domestica.

Short-term toxicity of nitrofurans, nitrofurazone, furaltadone tartrate, and furaltadone chlorohydrate, was tested in the laboratory on two freshwater organisms, Selenastrum capricornutum (algae) and Daphnia magna (crustaceans). Toxicity studies with nitrofurazone were also carried out on larval development of the house fly Musca domestica L. Nitrofurazone was invariably the most toxic compound (the 96-hr EC50 of algal species was 1.45 mg/liters; the EC50 values for D. magna were 40.04 and 28.67 mg/liter after 24 and 48 hr, respectively) followed by furaltadone tartrate and furaltadone chlorohydrate. This study provides some evidence of the potential ecotoxicity of nitrofurans, indicating the need for further investigations.[1]


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