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Urinary excretion of acetate and propionate by the Holstein cow as affected by physiological state and propionate infusion.

Daily urinary excretion of acetate and propionate was determined for 13 Holstein cows fed for ad libitum consumption a 40% soy-corn concentrate: 60% corn silage diet prepartum and 60% concentrate: 40% silage diet postpartum. Daily excretion of acetate did not differ between periods corresponding to -3, 7, and 11 wk postpartum. Cows excreted more propionic acid at 7 and 11 wk postpartum than at 3 wk prepartum. However, propionic acid excretion did not differ between the two postpartum periods. Propionic acid excretion was not associated with intake of feed during lactation. Rapid intrajugular infusion of propionate (2.5 mmol/kg) increased propionate excretion at -3 and 7 wk postpartum and acetate excretion at 7 wk postpartum. Under physiological conditions urinary excretion of acetate and propionate does not represent a meaningful energy loss.[1]


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