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Hypertension, vascular headaches, and seizures after carotid endarterectomy. Case report and therapeutic considerations.

The following three unusual complications of carotid endarterectomy developed in a 64-year-old woman: vascular headaches, delayed hypertension, and seizures. beta-Blockade with propranolol hydrochloride had no beneficial effect on either the hypertension or the headaches. Peripheral alpha-blockade with prazosin hydrochloride resulted in prompt improvement in the patient's condition. Altered autonomic vascular control secondary to carotid sinus trauma is proposed as a possible causative mechanism for all three complications. The therapeutic implications are discussed. Based on this experience, we would caution against the use of unopposed beta-blockade in this setting and suggest that the role of prazosin in the initial management of postendarterectomy hypertension and vascular headache be explored.[1]


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