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Further genetic variation at the esterase loci of Drosophila virilis.

Reexamination of the electrophoretic mobilities of esterases encoded by the Est-alpha and the Est-beta alleles of Drosophila virilis was carried out in detail using both thin-layer agar gel and polyacrylamide slab gel electrophoresis. Many allelic products with fine differences in their electrophoretic mobilities were found and designated by a new system. Some esterases separable by the agar gel method were indistinguishable using the polyacrylamide gel method. But the polyacrylamide gel method uncovered two multiband homozygotes, alpha(d).77 and beta(d) 1.28. Some allelic frequencies on the basis of the new designation were estimated in two natural populations. As a result, it is proposed that the total scope of allelic variation at the two esterase loci of Drosophila virilis is composed of discrete distribution patterns of gene frequencies, each histogram of which shows a bell-shaped pattern.[1]


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