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Alkylation of urinary guanine in mice by the organophosphorus insecticide tetrachlorvinphos.

The methylating capability of tetrachlorvinphos on urinary guanine in mice has been investigated using an insecticide labeled at both O-CH3 groups. Following intraperitoneal administration of the 14C-labeled insecticide to mice, about 0.57% of the radioactivity in the O- to 24-hr samples was associated with the purine fraction. The amount of [7-14C]methylguanine in 0- to 48-hr urine samples, estimated as fraction of applied dose, was 26-31 X 10(-5). The results obtained indicate possible chemical alkylation of urinary guanine. On the other hand, a considerable portion of radioactivity is probably incorporated via the C-1 pool.[1]


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