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The effect of water deprivation on the osmotic release of renin.

The effect of water deprivation on the osmotic release of renin was evaluated in conscious rats previously prepared with right nephrectomy and cannulations of left renal artery and lower abdominal aorta. The osmotic signal was a 4-min intrarenal infusion of 30% crystallized bovine serum albumin. Changes in aortic plasma concentration of renin (PRC) and total protein were followed serially. In normal hydropenic rats an increase in PRC was not detected with the oncotic challenge. Following a 48-hr period of water deprivation, the same external oncotic signal increased PRC threefold above baseline within 3 min. It is concluded that some intrarenal functional or structural change induced by water deprivation sensitizes the renin-secreting mechanism to colloid osmotic stimuli. It is suggested that this change could be related to the physical conditions of the renal interstitium.[1]


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