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Aorta, Abdominal

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Chemical compound and disease context of Aorta, Abdominal

  • Rabbits on 2% cholesterol diet for 6 weeks underwent balloon injury to the abdominal aorta (AA) after week 3, and were then exposed to normoxia (n = 6), or 12 h daily of intermittent repetitive hypoxia (n = 6) or hyperoxia (n = 6) [12].
  • The abdominal aortas of five groups of rabbits were subjected to varying lengths of ischemia (0, 1, 2, 3, or 4 hours), removed, sectioned into transverse rings, and placed in tissue baths containing Krebs' buffer at 37 degrees C and aerated with 95% O2/5% CO2 [13].
  • In a rat model of thrombosis induced by ferric chloride application on the abdominal aorta, BM-573 significantly reduced the thrombus weight by 92.53, 80.20, 64.75, and 18.21% at doses of 5, 2, 0.5, and 0.2 mg/kg, respectively [14].
  • We previously reported that treatment with isosorbide dinitrate significantly reduced the moderate systolic hypertension and the increase in transparietal stress observed in the abdominal aorta of atheromatous animals [15].
  • Sudan IV was used to stain the lipid containing plaques of the aortic arch, thoracic and abdominal aorta and the surface area occupied by atheroma was assessed [16].

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Associations of Aorta, Abdominal with chemical compounds

  • Vessel dimensions and characteristic responses to norepinephrine were measured in various arteries and veins of the rabbit made hypertensive by partial constriction of the upper abdominal aorta [26].
  • Methylene blue inhibited acetylcholine relaxation in both control and Brugia-infected abdominal aorta; however, relaxation in Brugia-infected aorta was significantly greater than control [27].
  • Mechanisms of transmural heparin transport in the rat abdominal aorta after local vascular delivery [28].
  • In anesthetized dogs, we recorded impulses from afferent fibers with endings in either the gastrocnemius or gracilis muscles and injected capsaicin (10-30 microgram/kg) into the abdominal aorta [29].
  • The pressure gradient between the ascending and abdominal aorta was not different between the cyclosporine-treated (49.6+/-6.1 mm Hg) and nontreatment groups (48.7+/-4.6 mm Hg) [30].

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