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Distribution of ribonucleic acid coliphages in south and east Asia.

We investigated the distribution of ribonucleic acid (RNA) coliphages in the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, India, and Thailand by collecting sewage samples from domestic drainage in November 1976. Of the 221 samples collected from domestic drainage, 50 contained RNA phages (52 strains). By serological analysis, 46 of the 52 strains were found to belong to group III. It can thus be said that the most prevalent RNA phages in Southeast Asia (at least, in the Philippines, Singapore, and Indonesia) were group III phages. Investigations of sewage samples collected from domestic drainage in Japan indicate that the most prevalent RNA phages in mainland Japan (north of Kyushu) are group II phages, whereas group III phages are predominant in the southern part of Japan (south of Amamiohshima Island). We therefore propose a borderline between Kyushu and Amamiohshima Island for the geographical distribution of RNA coliphages in the domestic drainage of South and East Asia. Moreover, one strain ( ID2) was inactivated to some extent with the antisera of four groups of RNA phages. This is thought to be significant from the evolutionary viewpoint.[1]


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