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Uterine activity and placental histology in abortion at mid-trimester by rivanol and catheter.

Artificial abortions were performed on 7 patients during mid-pregnancy by intra-uterine instillation of 0.1% rivanol and catheters. The changes in uterine contractility during the treatment were monitored continuously by intra-amniotic pressure recording. Uterine activity developed a gradual but steady increase and abortion was completed within 22 to 47 hours. A significant increase in uterine contractility started after a lag of several hours. Neither hypertonus nor hyperactivity was noted during the treatment. The fetus was delivered unaffected in all cases. The placentas delivered showed normal histological integrity, and an autoradiographic study established the viability of trophoblasts. These results suggest that the abortive effect of rivanol and catheter on the uterus and placenta is different from that induced by other chemicals.[1]


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