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The stress of coming out.

To conclude, (1) although homosexuality has been recognized for hundreds of years, we still do not understand it completely. (2) This paper places emphasis on the process of individuation and gender-identity that takes place very early in childhood as the cause of homosexuality. (3) If the process is not completed properly, the individual's gender-identity will deviate from that of the vast majority of people. Homosexuality is, therefore, considered by me as a deviation from, rather than a variation of, human sexuality. (4) The degree of neurosis or psychosis associated with homosexuality or heterosexuality is not causal in nature, although the two are intimately intertwined. (5) The stress of coming out varies a great deal in intensity and depends on the degree of integration of the individual and the support given to him by his friends, associates, and family. (6) Although the last decade has brought about a greater acceptance of homosexuality than ever before, sufficient prejudice, ignorance, and fear remain to keep many homosexuals "in the closet." (7) Even today the disclosure of one's homosexuality threatens the individual with the loss of so many important aspects of his life, such as his job, his friends, and even his family, that there is little wonder that coming out of the closet poses such problems for so many homosexuals.[1]


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