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Psychiatry related information on Individuation

  • The Separation Individuation Inventory (SII; Christenson and Wilson, J. Nerv. Ment. Dis., 173:561-565, 1985) was designed to assess adult psychopathology construed in terms of the concepts of separation and individuation (Mahler, Pine, and Bergman, The Psychological Birth of the Human Infant: Symbiosis and Individuation, 1975) [1].
  • Blos conceives of adolescent acting out as a part of attempts by adolescents to develop a coherent identity in what he refers to as a second individuation process [2].

High impact information on Individuation

  • Besides the lack of overt cartilage differentiation, pharyngeal arch condensations in jef (sox9a) mutants lacked three specific morphogenetic behaviors: the stacking of chondrocytes into orderly arrays, the individuation of pharyngeal cartilage organs and the proper shaping of individual cartilages [3].
  • The two models appeared consistent, the main aspects they had in common being (a) the individuation of the strongly negative contribution of the substituents in position 7 of tacrine and (b) a tentative assignment of the hydrophobic character to the favorable effect exerted by the substituents in position 6 [4].
  • Kanwisher (1987; J. Park & N. G. Kanwisher, 1994) has explained repetition blindness in terms of a distinction in visual perception between type activation and token individuation; repeated items are successfully recognized (matched to stored types) but are less likely than unrepeated items to become individuated as separate perceptual tokens [5].
  • Participants viewed photographs of unfamiliar Black and White faces, under each of three social goals: social categorization (by age), social individuation (vegetable preference), and simple visual inspection (detecting a dot) [6].
  • Individuation was measured by self-report using the intergenerational individuation subscale of the Personal Authority in the Family System Questionnaire [7].

Chemical compound and disease context of Individuation

  • The initial size of gold particles (10-20 nm) was increased (40-70 nm) by silver intensification for a better and rapid individuation of glycine positive cells at low magnification [8].
  • Transcripts of parent/child dyadic interactions during a vacation planning activity were analyzed using Condon, Cooper and Grotevant's (1984) Individuation Code [9].

Gene context of Individuation

  • Blos (1985) suggested that individuation perhaps necessarily includes the confirmation of the child's adult status by the same-sex parent, called "the blessing." Of the 281 late adolescents in the present study, 71.5% indicated they had received some type of blessing from a parent and described the event as meaningful [10].
  • In Part I the concept of a temporally 'extended theory' is introduced, which requires attention to the hitherto largely ignored issue of theory individuation [11].
  • Separate male and female analyses of the Spousal Fusion/Individuation model found a moderate effect for females and a large effect for males [12].
  • After clarifying some definitions, the author attempts to identify homosexuality through the sexual individuation process and to trace its various ontogenetic inconsistencies [13].
  • Results from Study 1 suggested that men's SE can be linked to a individuation process in which one's personal distinguishing achievements are emphasized [14].


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