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Disease relevance of Homosexuality


Psychiatry related information on Homosexuality

  • Referenced as both supporting and weakening the case for parenting by homosexuals, 57 life-story narratives of children with homosexual parents published by Rafkin in 1990 and Saffron in 1996 were subjected to content analysis [6].
  • The purpose of the study was to investigate the effects of social interaction with homosexuals on attitudes toward homosexuality in a sample of heterosexual Turkish university students [7].
  • Against the background of rapidly changing social and professional attitudes toward homosexuality, and in light of burgeoning interest in countertransference among psychoanalysts, the absence of any discussion of countertransference in the treatment of homosexuals is considered significant [8].

High impact information on Homosexuality


Chemical compound and disease context of Homosexuality


Biological context of Homosexuality

  • At this age the SCN contains about the same number of cells as the SCN of adult male homosexuals, whereas in the reference group the cell numbers subsequently decline to the adult value, which is about 35% of the peak value.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 400 WORDS)[19]
  • The eight hemophiliacs with ITP responded better than did the eight homosexual ITP patients; their mean peak platelet count was 227,000/microliter versus 142,000/microliter in the homosexuals [20].
  • A larger proportion of the IVDUs, with respect to that of homosexuals, showed positive antibody responses to p24 and p17, respectively [21].
  • There are important reasons for considering nitrite inhalation as a factor in the development of AIDS-related KS in young male homosexuals [22].
  • In the second study, 40 black, male homosexuals with CD4+ count between 350 and 500/mm3 were enrolled in groups of 10 to receive either nHuIFN-alpha or AZT, or both nHuIFN-alpha and AZT, or nothing (untreated controls) [23].

Anatomical context of Homosexuality


Associations of Homosexuality with chemical compounds

  • There were no significant differences between homosexuals and controls in relation to the average levels of the tested hormones nor the average area and variance of LH and testosterone [27].
  • We compared OR levels in 80 HIV-positive homosexuals, 18 HIV-positive intravenous drug users (IVDU) treated with methadone, 18 HIV-negative IVDU receiving methadone and 25 healthy controls [28].
  • These results suggest the feasibility of eventual prophylactic utilization of isoprinosine in male homosexuals at high risk of developing AIDS [29].
  • In crude analysis, baseline TG was higher in men, in those aged over 36 years, and in homosexuals [30].
  • Of the strains isolated from male homosexuals, 19.5% were resistant to 1.0 microgram of erythromycin/ml, whereas only 9.6% of strains from other men and 2.6% of strains from women were resistant to this concentration [31].

Gene context of Homosexuality

  • IL-2 production following lectin stimulation was not significantly different in homosexuals compared to age matched heterosexual controls [32].
  • Cells from antibody-positive homosexuals with normal numbers of CD4 cells (greater than 700/microliters) showed defective reactivity in two assays, colony growth, and IL-2 receptor expression [33].
  • Eleven patients (42%) had C4B null alleles compared with only 13 (18%) homosexuals who were negative for antibody and 28 (15%) controls [34].
  • Defective T cell colony formation and IL-2 receptor expression in HIV-infected homosexuals: relationship between functional abnormalities and CD4 cell numbers [33].
  • Subjects' affects were measured with an adjective checklist, and subjects' cognitions were measured as to their attitudes toward homosexuality with the Attitudes Toward Homosexuality Scale (ATHS) [35].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Homosexuality

  • Antibodies reactive with normal peripheral blood mononuclear cells were detected by Western blot analysis in sera from both groups of homosexuals [36].
  • We investigated the serum concentrations of free fatty acids (FFA), cholesterol, phopholipids and triglycerides in HIV-positive men (n = 50) from three behaviour groups: heterosexuals (n = 16), drug addicts (n = 18) and homosexuals (n = 16) and a control group of HIV-negative men (n = 25) [37].
  • We have measured fat absorption, using the 14C triolein breath test, and quantitatively assessed jejunal villous architecture in 20 male homosexuals at various clinical stages of HIV disease [38].
  • Vincent and the Grenadines, and other countries show high HIV seroprevalence among homosexuals (15-40%), prisoners (4-10%), prostitutes (up to 13%), and cocaine users (2%); at present, prevalence in the general population continues to be low [39].


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