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Disease relevance of Heterosexuality


Psychiatry related information on Heterosexuality

  • This difference suggests that the development of erotically preferred partner sex and partner age are not independent of each other and that in pedophilia, the development of heterosexuality or homosexuality is brought about by factors different from those operative in the development of androphilia or gynephilia [4].

High impact information on Heterosexuality


Biological context of Heterosexuality


Anatomical context of Heterosexuality


Associations of Heterosexuality with chemical compounds

  • Those with a history of blood transfusion or parenteral drug abuse had been excluded from the study, and all study subjects were heterosexuals [14].
  • The data support the hypothesis that male homosexuals have had less steroid exposure during development than male heterosexuals and that female homosexuals have had greater steroid exposure during development than their heterosexual counterparts [15].
  • This study is the first national survey in Italy that examines factors associated with serotesting among Italian heterosexuals and is part of a European Concerted Action. METHODS: In 1998, a cross-sectional telephone survey was conducted on a random sample (n = 2,603) of the Italian population ages 18-49 years [16].
  • Isobutyl nitrite is a popular recreational drug among both homosexuals and heterosexuals as it is alleged to enhance sexual pleasure and prolong orgasm [17].
  • When compared to their respective normative samples, both male and female counselors scored higher on Intraception and Heterosexuality and lower on Order and Endurance [18].

Gene context of Heterosexuality

  • Group profile results on the EPPS indicated relatively high scores on the variables of achievement, exhibition, autonomy, dominance, and heterosexuality; and relatively low scores on the variables of deference, order, and endurance [19].
  • We used U.S. registry data to study HCC and NHL risk in 304,411 adults with AIDS, comparing cohort subgroups with high prevalence (hemophiliacs and injection drug users) or low prevalence (homosexual men, heterosexuals, and others) of HCV infection [20].
  • Tests for anticardiolipin antibodies (ACL) on sera from 100 male homosexuals and 60 male heterosexuals showed that 57% of the homosexuals, in contrast to none of the heterosexuals, were ACL positive [21].
  • In healthy heterosexuals, by means of a monoclonal antibody against beta 2-microglobulin (beta 2m) and fluorescence-activated cell sorter analyser (FACS analyser), we observed two populations of beta 2m+ mononuclear cells (MNC); a large population with high-intensity cells and a small population of relatively low-intensity cells [22].
  • Differences in motives for condom use and their implications for understanding frequency of use were investigated in a random, biracial (Black, White) sample of heterosexuals, aged 17 to 25 years (n = 902) [23].


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