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The effects of bile acids on colonic motility in the rabbit.

The content of the rabbit colon has been examined and found to contain the secondary bile acid deoxycholate. Infusions of sodium deoxycholate stimulated colonic motor activity, but the infusion of the primary bile acid sodium glycocholate did not have this effect. Infusions of control amounts of distilled deionized water and isotonic saline were not followed by a significant change in motor activity. Histological damage was caused by 15 mmol.l-1 solutions but was not severe till above 24 mmol.l-1. The possibility that mucosal damage produced motor activity was discounted by the fact that this damage was also present in rabbits treated by sodium glycocholate with no observed motor response. It is postulated that the secondary bile acid, sodium deoxycholate, could have a role in the production of colonic motor activity in the rabbit.[1]


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