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Nucleotide sequence of cloned cDNAs encoding human preproparathyroid hormone.

We have cloned cDNA copies of human preproparathyroid hormone in Escherichia coli after insertion of double-stranded DNA into the Pst I site of plasmid pBR322 using the poly(dG) . poly(dC) homopolymer extension technique. Recombinant plasmids coding for preproparathyroid hormone were identified by filter hybridization assay using as a probe 32P-labeled bovine preproparathyroid cDNA. Nucleotide sequence analysis of five recombinant plasmids permitted the assignment of 74 nucleotides of the 5' noncoding region, the entire coding region of 345 nucleotides, and the entire 3' noncoding region of 348 nucleotides of the mRNA. The coding sequence predicts the previously unknown "pre" amino acid sequence and clarifies the hormone's amino acid sequence, which has been disrupted. The 5' noncoding region contains an AUG codon followed by a UGA stop codon before the authentic initiator codon. The 3' noncoding region is 120 nucleotides longer than in bovine preproparathyroid mRNA and contains two A-A-U-A-A-A sequences, potential signals for polyadenylation.[1]


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