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Evidence for recessive and against dominant inheritance at the HLA-"linked" locus in coeliac disease.

It has been proposed that gluten sensitive enteropathy (GSE) results from the interaction of two loci: one locus linked to HLA and associated with dominant inheritance, and the other, a non-HLA-linked GSE-associated B-cell alloantigen, exhibiting recessive inheritance. We have shown in previous analyses that a two-locus, dominant-recessive model is less compatible with the existing population prevalence and observed familial segregation data than is a recessive-recessive two-locus model. Here we present additional analyses of reported population and familial HLA data that support the recessive mode of inheritance for the HLA-linked disease locus. Reported data from HLA typing of affected sib pairs, the association of GSE with DR3 and DR7 in different populations, and the proportions of different HLA phenotypes and genotypes were compared with expected data derived by three different methods. The HLA data analyses consistently reject a dominant mode of inheritance for the presumed HLA-linked disease allele but do not reject a recessive model. The affected sib-pair data also support a recessive model. These analyses are consistent with our previous prediction that the HLA-"linked" disease allele in GSE is recessive inherited.[1]


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