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Lenticular intermediate-sized filaments: biosynthesis and interaction with plasma membrane.

Electron microscopical features of the lens fiber plasma membrane-cytoskeleton complex are suggestive of an intimate association between the intermediate-sized filaments (IF) and the lipid bilayer. Biochemical analysis of this complex reveals the occurrence of an appreciable amount of vimentin as a protein subunit of lenticular IF. Additional evidence for association between IF and membranes is provided by the observation that newly synthesized vimentin is associated with plasma membranes added to a reticulocyte lysate programmed with lens polyribosomes. Concomitantly alpha-crystallin polypeptide chains (alpha A2) are also found associated with the plasma membrane together with a hitherto unidentified 47-kilodalton protein. Once associated with the lipid bilayer, the vimentin polypeptide resists urea treatment, suggesting that it has become an integral constituent associated with part of the membrane.[1]


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