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Gene Review

VIM  -  vimentin

Bos taurus

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  • These data, taken together with the observation that the NH2-terminal end of vimentin is implicated in the polymerization process (Traub, P., and C. Vorgias, J. Cell Sci., 1983, 63:43-67), imply that intermediate filaments may contact the membrane in an end-on fashion, using the exposed head domains of their terminal subunits [13].
  • Once associated with the lipid bilayer, the vimentin polypeptide resists urea treatment, suggesting that it has become an integral constituent associated with part of the membrane [15].
  • In the absence of MgCl2 we found a net permanent dipole moment, approximately 45-nm-long dimers for vimentin, approximately 65-nm-long tetramers, hexamers, and possibly octamers for both proteins, and 100-nm aggregates for glial fibrillary acidic protein [16].
  • These results indicate that the organization of the intermediate-size filament protein vimentin is markedly affected by cholesterol oxides [17].
  • The Triton-insoluble pellet fraction contained several major polypeptides (30-, 43-, 58-, and 240,000 mol-wt), two of which were identified by immunoblotting as cytoplasmic actin (43,000 mol-st) and vimentin (58,000 mol-wt) [18].

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