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Nucleotide sequence and expression of Escherichia coli trpR, the structural gene for the trp aporepressor.

The nucleotide sequence of trpR of Escherichia coli was determined. This gene codes for a polypeptide (Mr 12,356) that is 108 amino acid residues in length. NH2-terminal, COOH-terminal, and total amino acid analyses of purified aporepressor agree with the deduced amino acid sequence and establish the translation start and stop codons of the structural gene. The transcription start site for trpR mRNA synthesis in vitro was shown to be 56 base pairs prior to the translation start site. The nucleotide sequence on either side of the transcription start site is homologous to the trp operon operator. Purified trp aporepressor, when activated by L-tryptophan, protects restriction sites in this region, the presumed trpR operator, from cleavage by the respective restriction endonucleases. Bound RNA polymerase protects the same restriction sites. These findings and the additional observation that trp repressor inhibits transcription initiation in vitro establish that there is a functional overlap of operator and promoter sequences in the regulatory region of the trpR operon. These findings indicate that expression of trpR is autoregulatory.[1]


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