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Detection of human Bhanja virus-specific antibodies in Czechoslovakia.

Blood sera from 185 Czechoslovak citizens, residents of South-Moravia (Znojmo district: 107, Breclav district: 13) and East-Slovakia (Roznava district: 65) regions, were examined for the presence of neutralizing antibodies to Bhanja arbovirus, using PS and Vero cell lines, constant dose of virus and serial serum dilutions. Specific antibody titres greater than or equal to 1:10 were detected in the sera of 10 persons (i.e. 5.4% of all examined), of which 5 men and 4 women were from district of Roznava (13.8% of all examinees in this district) and 1 woman (forest worker) was from district of Znojmo (0.9% of all examinees in this district), but she could not be excluded to get infected while staying abroad (USSR) for a certain period prior to examination. Striking prevalence of seropositivity among the inhabitants of the Roznava district is apparently linked with two circumstances: this area is infested with Haemaphysalis punctata and Dermacentor marginatus ticks (Bhanja virus vector) and all the seroapositive subjects there in contact with goats and sheep. Detection of the human Bhanja virus-specific antibodies is the first one made on the territory of Czechoslovakia; linked with the previously reported seropositivity of goats and sheep in this area it indicates the presence of this arbovirus in the East-Slovakia region.[1]


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