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Mechanisms of dopamine induced changes in hippocampal glycoprotein metabolism.

In rat hippocampal slices incubated in the presence of dopamine, a relatively strong correlation was observed between changes in the incorporation of 3H-fucose into total proteins and the formation of GDP-3H-fucose. However, in hippocampal homogenate the incorporation of 14C-fucose from GDP-14C-fucose was not stimulated by dopamine. In contrast, the incorporation of 3H-fucose was stimulated by dopamine to a similar extent observed in hippocampal slices. Furthermore, in hippocampal slices dopamine did not increase the activity of fucosyltransferase. These results, together with our previous findings, suggest that the increased incorporation of fucose induced by dopamine in the hippocampal slices may be due to a receptor-mediated cAMP-dependent regulation, which controls the rate of fucosylation of acceptor-glycoproteins either at the level of fucose phosphorylation or of formation of GDP-fucose rather than the activity of fucosyltransferase.[1]


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