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The prevalence of diabetes mellitus in male Saudi Arabs.

The prevalence of diabetes mellitus in 1385 males in the Al-Kharj area of Saudi Arabia was studied using the WHO criteria for screening and interpretation of glucose tolerance tests[1]. The prevalence was found to increase with age. No diabetic patients were found in the less than or equal to 24 year age group and only one (0.3%) in the age range: 25-34 years. There were seven (2.6%) in the age range: 35-44 years, 17 (9.6%) in the age range: 45-54 years, six (11%) in the age range: 55-64 years and three (23%) in the age range: greater than or equal to 65 years. The cases detected were relatively symptom free, but 65% of the diabetic patients were overweight.[1]


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