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Detection of metabolites of N-nitrosopyrrolidine and N-nitrosoethylmethylamine in cultures of human bladder epithelial cells of normal origin.

Cultured human bladder epithelial cells of normal origin are capable of metabolizing N-nitrosamines. Cultures from three different cell lines were incubated with NPYR and NEMA in order to investigate the formation of volatile N-nitrosamines. Seven volatile compounds with positive TEA response, including NDMA and NEMA, were detected in the culture media incubated with NPYR. The identity of NEMA, which was the main component of this group of metabolites, was confirmed by mass spectrometry. Culture media incubated with NEMA showed formation of NDMA. In four of five incubation experiments with NPYR, NHPYR was detected as a metabolite. The formation of metabolites containing the N-nitroso group presumably occurs via a beta-hydroxylation pathway.[1]


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