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Decrease of serum oestriol during intravenous hexoprenaline or salbutamol treatment.

Patients with premature labour were treated with intravenous hexoprenaline (18 patients) or salbutamol (10 patients) infusion between 26 and 36 weeks gestation. After at least 12 h infusion, oral therapy was started. Serum total oestriol was determined by radioimmunoassay every 6 h during intravenous beta-mimetic infusion (p less than 0.005). One day after stopping intravenous treatment, and then every day after stopping the infusion, for 4 days. The mean serum total oestriol concentration decreased significantly during the intravenous treatment, serum oestriol returned to pretreatment levels. The results show that fetal monitoring by maternal oestriol determinations is not reliable during intravenous beta-adrenoceptor agonist therapy.[1]


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