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Personality variables related to compulsive eating in college women.

Investigated personality variables related to compulsive eating (episodic bouts of uncontrolled, excessive eating) in college women. Based on scores on the Compulsive Eating Scale, two groups were selected from a large sample of college women (mean age = 19) and classified high (N = 23) or low (N = 24) with regard to compulsive eating. Participants were administered the Sixteen Personality Factor Test, Social Desirability Scale. Locus of Control Scale, and Bem Sex Role Inventory. Results showed a number of significant differences between high and low groups. On the 16PF, high Ss showed higher inner tension, greater suspiciousness, and less emotional stability (ps less than .001). High Ss were more external in locus of control (p less than .02) and showed a greater need for approval (p less than .025). Sex role data showed a higher Masculine self-ideal (p less than .001) for the high group. There appear to be meaningful differences in personality variables that are related to compulsive eating. Results are discussed in terms of current theories of compulsive eating.[1]


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