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Internal-External Control

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Disease relevance of Internal-External Control


Psychiatry related information on Internal-External Control


High impact information on Internal-External Control

  • DNA looping could provide the requisite mechanism by which RepA bound to the control locus might exert repression [11].
  • In the young, the cortisol response to the psychosocial stress task was significantly correlated with both hippocampal volume and levels of self-esteem and locus of control, while in the elderly, these personality traits moderated age-related patterns of cognitive decline, cortisol regulation, and global brain volume decline [6].
  • A probe specific for the INT-2 gene was labelled with [alpha-32P]dCTP and a probe to beta-actin, the control locus, was labelled with [alpha-35S]dATP [12].
  • A majority of the virulence factors expressed by these bacteria are regulated by a master control locus, BvgAS, a member of the two-component family of signal transduction systems [13].
  • Differences in the effects of EPI on glucose tolerance and personality measures of neuroticism and perceived locus of control also appeared to be related to improvements in glucose tolerance after training [14].

Chemical compound and disease context of Internal-External Control

  • All patients were administered: (1) the Multidimensional Health Locus of Control Scales to assess locus of control, (2) the Coping Strategies Questionnaire to evaluate pain coping strategies, and (3) the Symptom Checklist-90 Revised to assess psychological distress [15].
  • Locus of control in terms of internality significantly predicted number of yieldings for the Alcohol group, although the analysis indicated no significant differences between groups as to mean locus of control scores [16].
  • A health-specific locus-of-control (HLC) questionnaire was constructed to measure beliefs about Self-Control Over Health, Provider Control Over Health, Chance Health Outcomes and General Health Threat. A factor analysis of items confirmed these dimensions, and corresponding scales were shown to be reliable [17].
  • The major control locus, designated ilvO, is located before ilvG forming an ilvOGEDA transcriptional unit that is multivalently repressed by isoleucine, valine and leucine [18].
  • A structured questionnaire assessed feeding intention, use of folic acid, vitamin and iron supplementation, smoking status, smoking stage of change, and fetal health locus of control during pregnancy [19].

Biological context of Internal-External Control

  • We demonstrate that RepA binds to the control locus and to the promoter region simultaneously, causing the intervening DNA to loop [11].
  • It has been proposed that the initiator protein RepA is rate limiting for mini-P1 plasmid replication, and that the role of the plasmid copy number control locus is to sequester the initiator and thus reduce replication [11].
  • Significant heart rate changes were observed in response to both tasks, but those changes did not correlate with locus of control as measured by scores on the Rotter I-E Scale and the Multidimensional Health Locus of Control Scale [20].

Anatomical context of Internal-External Control


Gene context of Internal-External Control


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Internal-External Control

  • Women planning to breastfeed (either exclusively or in combination with bottle feeding) were more likely than those with alternative feeding plans to: have increased their folic acid intake, taken vitamin/iron supplements and have a primarily internal locus of control (perceive themselves to have control over the health of their unborn baby) [19].
  • To determine the association of smoking with other health-compromising behavior and beliefs during pregnancy, a cross-sectional survey of 1,203 women in the United Kingdom assessed smoking status, stage of change, fetal health locus of control, alcohol consumption, folic acid intake, and use of vitamin and iron supplements [28].


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