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Carbohydrate composition of the oligosaccharide units of the haemagglutinin from the Hong Kong influenza virus A/Memphis/102/72.

The haemagglutinin from the Hong Kong influenza virus A/Memphis/102/72 contains seven oligosaccharide units attached to asparagine residues 8, 22, 38, 81, 165 and 285 in the heavy chain ( HA1) and to residue 154 in the light chain ( HA2). The single oligosaccharide unit in HA2 and four of the oligosaccharide units of HA1 (at residues 8, 22, 38 and 81) contain the four monosaccharides N-acetylglucosamine, mannose, galactose and fucose and are of the N-acetyllactosamine (or 'complex') type. The two other oligosaccharide units on HA1 are of the oligomannoside (or 'simple') type and contain only two residues of N-acetylglucosamine and five or six residues of mannose. The data are discussed in relation to the differences in the carbohydrate compositions of other influenza haemagglutinins.[1]


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