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Hong Kong

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Disease relevance of Hong Kong


Psychiatry related information on Hong Kong


High impact information on Hong Kong

  • SARS: experience at Prince of Wales Hospital, Hong Kong [11].
  • The Hong Kong Academy of Medicine [12].
  • Double-blind comparison of methadone and placebo maintenance treatments of narcotic addicts in Hong Kong [13].
  • The six internal genes of B/Yamanashi/166/98 were used as the backbone to generate 6 + 2 reassortants including the HA and NA gene segments from B/Victoria/504/2000, B/Hong Kong/330/2001, and B/Hawaii/10/2001 [14].
  • The three-dimensional structures of avian H5 and swine H9 influenza hemagglutinins (HAs) from viruses closely related to those that caused outbreaks of human disease in Hong Kong in 1997 and 1999 were determined bound to avian and human cell receptor analogs [15].

Chemical compound and disease context of Hong Kong


Biological context of Hong Kong


Anatomical context of Hong Kong


Associations of Hong Kong with chemical compounds

  • In the present study, we demonstrate that ERAD of the misfolded genetic variant-null Hong Kong alpha1-antitrypsin is enhanced by overexpression of the ER processing alpha1,2-mannosidase (ER ManI) in HEK 293 cells, indicating the importance of ER ManI in glycoprotein quality control [31].
  • CONCLUSION/INTERPRETATION: Relatively low arterial pressures and blood cholesterol are likely contributors to the notably low arterial disease rates in this Chinese diabetic cohort; they reflect low rates in the Chinese mainland general population and resemble the Tokyo and Hong Kong centres of the WHO MSVDD [32].
  • Ten of the original centres (Warsaw, Berlin, Havana, Arizona, Oklahoma, Hong Kong, Switzerland, London, Tokyo, Zagreb) were able to identify the life/death status of their study participants on 1 January 1983, giving an average follow-up period of six to seven years [33].
  • Rapid increase in the prevalence of undiagnosed diabetes and impaired fasting glucose in asymptomatic Hong Kong Chinese [34].
  • Plasma testosterone levels during chronic heroin use and protracted astinence. A study of Hong Kong addicts [35].

Gene context of Hong Kong

  • PURPOSE: This study evaluated the mutational profile of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) and KRAS in non-small cell lung cancers in Hong Kong and determined their relation with smoking history and other clinicopathologic features [36].
  • Associations between IL12B polymorphisms and tuberculosis in the Hong Kong Chinese population [37].
  • Association of interferon gamma and interleukin 10 genes with tuberculosis in Hong Kong Chinese [38].
  • Associations of IFN-gamma -179 (G/T), +874 (A/T), +875 miscrosatellite CA repeats and +4766 (C/T), and IL-10 -1082 (A/G), -819 (C/T) and -592 (C/A) with tuberculosis (TB) were investigated in 385 HIV-negative patients and 451 controls in a Hong Kong Chinese population [38].
  • Hybridization of Southern blots revealed that far1 was not located on the chromosome or plasmid content of a limited number of Australian, UK and Hong Kong fusidic acid-resistant isolates [39].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Hong Kong


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