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Murine liver arylsulfatase B processing influenced by region on chromosome 17.

SM/J liver arylsulfatase B has a more rapid electrophoretic mobility and occurs as a series of more acidic isozymes following electrofocusing in narrow pH gradients than the liver enzyme from C57Bl/6J mice. The SM/J and C57BL/6J electrofocusing patterns were both converted to a single isozyme with similar isoelectric points by pretreatment with neuraminidase, suggesting that the SM/J and C57BL/6J isozymes differed with respect to their sialic acid content. Arylsulfatase B electrofocusing and thermostability phenotypes segregated independently among progeny of SM/J x C57BL/6J crosses, suggesting that the electrofocusing phenotypes were not determined by different alleles at As-1, the putative structural locus for arylsulfatase B. Comparison of the joint segregation of hepatic acid phosphatase electrophoretic patterns and liver arylsulfatase B electrofocusing profiles revealed that the electrofocusing profiles may be determined by a region on chromosome 17 near of identical to Apl. Kidney, brain, and spleen arylsulfatase B electrofocusing patterns did not appear to differ between SM/J and C57BL/6J mice.[1]


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