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Effects of anticoagulants in an animal model of septic cerebral embolization.

The effect of anticoagulation on lesions caused by cerebral emboli of different types was studied in 57 dogs. The resultant arterial and parenchymal lesions were assessed by pathologic and angiographic studies. Embolization with emboli that caused little or no inflammatory response in the artery (12 dogs) was not associated with hemorrhagic infarcts or with subdural or subarachnoid hemorrhage; furthermore, treatment with anticoagulants (9 dogs) did not change the character of the lesions. Embolization with emboli that caused arteritis, that is, bacterial contamination or presence of lead chromate in the embolus (21 dogs), was associated with hemorrhagic infarcts, focal subarachnoid hemorrhage, and increased incidence of acute subdural hemorrhage. Treatment with anticoagulants (16 dogs) was associated with a further increase in the incidence of subdural hemorrhage.[1]


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