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Chemical compound and disease context of Arteritis

  • By changing to a daily regimen, the arteritis was controlled in most patients in group C. Adverse reactions to prednisone were noted frequently in groups A and B but rarely in group C [12].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Treatment with methotrexate plus corticosteroid is a safe alternative to corticosteroid therapy alone in patients with giant-cell arteritis and is more effective in controlling disease [11].
  • Conversely, arteritis significantly accelerated cholesterol-induced atherosclerosis [13].
  • The well recognized untoward effects are tractable save for the definite augmentation of carcinogenesis, a measurable risk that is regarded as acceptable in treating rheumatoid arthritis with azathioprine and rheumatoid arteritis with cyclophosphamide [14].
  • This case suggests that fludeoxyglucose F 18 PET contributes to the noninvasive diagnosis of giant cell arteritis, as well as to the evaluation of the extent of disease, response to therapy, and disease recurrence [15].

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