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The influence of endobronchial fluid on the ventilation.

We evaluated the influence of 2 0ml contrast substance Dionosil aq. on the ventilatory function of lung 21 patients who suffered from relapsing bronchial inflammations. The spirographic examination before the local anaesthesia was accomplished with Vitalograph apparatus, the same examination after local anaesthesia of 3 ml 3% cocaine and 60 mg lidocaine and after the bronchoscopy and bronchography and simultaneously was made the bronchocinematographic recording. We verified that the presence of 20 ml contrast substance decreased significantly the values of VC, FVC, FEV1,0 and FEF25--75 and a little even the values of FEV%. The local anaesthesia of the bronchial three did not influence the ventilation values. The bronchocinematography indicated even in contour bronchographs of great bronchi that the intial lumina of peripheral bronchial branches were dispersely fullfilled with contrast media. Because of small flow speed in his section the contrast substance has stopped and it did not move neither at forced breathing nor at coughing. The ventilation secured probably only minor nonfilled branches. Our discoveries contribute to the clearance of failure causes of inhalatory medical treatment with patients having a mild higher viscosity of bronchial secretions.[1]


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