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Recent results with clinically used antineoplastic drugs and drug combinations in vivo.

Using four mouse tumor systems--leukemia L1210, i.m. mammary carcinoma 1142A, Lewis lung carcinoma, metastatic model of the mammary carcinoma 1142A--a combined treatment consisting of vincristine--cyclophosphamide--metrotrexate--5-fluorouracil is superior to a combined treatment with carminomycin--dibromodulcitol. The treatment with carminomycin and dibromodulcitol in each case alone causes therapeutic benefits being superior to a treatment with the combination carminomycin--dibromodulcitol. This result could be stated for all tumor systems used. Carminomycin showed the greatest effectivity against the leukemia L1210. A human tumor nude mouse system--ascitic mesothelioma 1503A--is presented which is suitable for chemotherapeutic experiments. First test results indicated an antineoplastic effectivity after daunoblastin treatment, but cyclophosphamide and carminomycin did not influence the life span.[1]


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