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High-pressure liquid chromatographic analysis of anaerobic photoproducts of bilirubin-IX alpha in vitro and its comparison with photoproducts in vivo.

To carry out photochemical experiments under conditions similar to those prevailing for neonatal bilirubin metabolism in jaundice phototherapy, we have studied photoproducts produced by the action of light on a bilirubin--albumin solution and further clarified the relationship between the photoproducts obtained from experiments in vitro and in vivo. (1) An accurate and sensitive separation method by high-pressure liquid chromatography for photoproducts of bilirubin under anaerobic irradiation of visible light is described. (2) There were two main photoproducts obtained from experiments both in vivo and in vitro. (3) Exact correspondence of retention time on high-pressure liquid chromatography, diazo-reactivity, thermal reversion and absorption-spectrum maxima was observed between unknown pigment and photobilirubin-IX alpha from biological fluids, and the comparable peaks 2 and 3 from experiments in vitro. (4) The behaviour of photoproducts in various solutions in the absence of light and O2 is described. (5) A lower affinity of photoproducts, especially unknown pigment, for human serum albumin than with bilirubin-IX alpha for the albumin was demonstrated by the gel-filtration method.[1]


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