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Differential effect of dsbA and dsbC mutations on extracellular enzyme secretion in Erwinia chrysanthemi.

An Erwinia chrysanthemi gene able to complement an Escherichia coli dsbA mutation has been cloned and sequenced. This gene codes for a periplasmic protein with disulphide isomerase activity that has 69% identity and 94% similarity with the E. coli DsbA protein. An E. chrysanthemi dsbA-uidA fusion mutant has been constructed. dsbA expression seems to be constitutive. This mutant has multiple phenotypes resulting from the absence of disulphide bond formation in periplasmic and secreted proteins. Pectate lyases and the cellulase EGZ are rapidly degraded in the periplasm of the dsbA mutant. E. chrysanthemi synthesizes another periplasmic protein with disulphide isomerase activity, namely DsbC. The dsbC gene introduced on a multicopy plasmid in a dsbA mutant was only partially able to restore EGZ secretion, indicating that even if DsbA and DsbC possess disulphide oxydoreductase activity, they are not completely interchangeable. Moreover, pectate lyases expressed in an E. coli dsbA mutant were very instable but their stability was unaffected in a dsbC mutant. These results indicate that DsbA and DsbC could have different substrate specificities.[1]


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