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The relationship between low density lipoprotein-related protein/alpha 2-macroglobulin (alpha 2M) receptors and the newly described alpha 2M signaling receptor.

alpha 2-Macroglobulin (alpha 2M)-methylamine binding to macrophages appears to involve two receptors. Binding of alpha 2M-methylamine to low density lipoprotein-related protein ( LRP) results in cellular uptake and degradation, while binding to a newly described alpha 2M signaling receptor elevates intracellular calcium ([Ca2+]i) and inositol phosphates. We now demonstrate that binding of lactoferrin, Pseudomonas exotoxin A, and lipoprotein lipase to LRP on macrophages results in increased [Ca2+]i and inositol 1,4,5-triphosphate. Receptor-associated protein, which binds to LRP but not the alpha 2M signaling receptor, blocks the lactoferrin signal but has no effect on alpha 2M-methylamine signaling. The latter observation supports our hypothesis that a distinct signaling receptor binds alpha 2M-methylamine. We further demonstrate that the signaling events induced by lactoferrin may involve a pertussis toxin-sensitive G protein, while the alpha 2M signaling receptor appears to be coupled to a pertussis toxin-insensitive G protein.[1]


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