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Passive transfer of cutaneous mosquito-bite hypersensitivity by IgE anti-saliva antibodies.

BACKGROUND: Mosquito bites frequently cause cutaneous wheal and flare reactions, and recent immunoblotting studies have shown specific anti-saliva IgE antibodies in many persons who have such reactions. OBJECTIVE: The study was designed to show that human serum containing mosquito saliva-specific IgE antibodies can produce histamine release in vitro and whealing in vivo. METHODS: Two mosquito bite-tolerant subjects had bite challenges and Prausnitz-Küstner tests with heated and unheated serum from one patient with Aedes mosquito allergy. Immunoblotting and basophil histamine release tests were performed with the patient's and subjects' sera. RESULTS: Both mosquito bite-tolerant subjects had positive Prausnitz-Küstner reactions, which indicated a successful transfer of cutaneous mosquito hypersensitivity. The ordinary and passive basophil histamine release tests also produced positive results with Aedes communis antigens. CONCLUSION: The results of the Prausnitz-Küstner test, immunoblotting, and basophil histamine release tests are consistent with the hypothesis that mosquito bite whealing is mediated by specific anti-saliva IgE antibodies.[1]


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