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Eleven novel mutations in the factor VIII gene from Brazilian hemophilia A patients.

The molecular characterization of the mutations in hemophilia A patients is hampered by the large size of the factor VIII gene and the great heterogeneity of mutations. In this study, we have performed a protocol involving multiplex polymerase chain reaction in which 19 exons were amplified in four different combinations followed by nonradioactive single-strand conformational polymorphism (SSCP) to screen for mutations. Southern blotting was used to detect inversion of the factor VIII gene resulting from recombination between copies of the gene A ( F8A) located in intron 22 of the factor VIII gene and two copies close telomeric region of X chromosome. Forty-two hemophilia A patients (21 with severe and 21 with mild-to-moderate disease) were studied. The inversion of factor VIII occurred in 13 of 21 patients affected by severe hemophilia A. One patient showed a large extra band in addition to the three bands observed after Southern blotting with the F8A probe. An abnormal electrophoretic pattern of SSCP was detected in 85% and 50% of the patients affected by mild-to-moderate and severe disease, respectively. Sixteen different mutations were identified. Eleven mutations were novel and comprised 9 point mutations and 2 small deletions. This study shows that the methodology used is safe and rapid and has potential for detecting almost all of the genetic defects of the studied hemophilia A patients.[1]


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